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Who is Adrian Wee?

With over 20 years of experience in the interior design, real estate & education industry, Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee immerses himself into research and development, and at the peak of his career, successfully created the only system in ASIA that combined “active and passive wealth creation”, as he chose to devote himself to the education industry wholeheartedly.

For the past 10 years and counting, Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee has been stamping his mark in the education & real estate industry and has been actively lecturing in many ASIAN countries besides Malaysia including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

He has also successfully mobilized his wealth creation system to more than 50,000 apprentices in the Mandarin-speaking community; allowing them to join the “proficient circle” founded by himself, where he selflessly coaches and guides them step-by-step as he journeys with them on the road to becoming a millionaire.

What is Adrian Wee Platform?

The Adrian Wee International platform offers courses focusing on education, business, real estate and talent development. Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee is also a trailblazer in Property Entrepreneurship & Wealth Management and is a much sought-after wealth strategist and business mentor. 

Our signature courses includes :

  1. Die with Massive Debts 5.0 (DWMD)
  2. Interior Design Street Smart (IDSS)
  3. Income Jail Break System (SCICD)
  4. Property Champion Street Smart
  5. Performance Creator Intensive (PCI)
  6. 10X Performance
  7. Performance KPI (P-KPI)
  8. Train the Entrepreneurs (TTE)
  9. Talent DNA
  10. O2O Mastery
  11. O2O Super Salesman System
  12. 7R Income System

Testimonials from our Graduates

Many of our students have achieved resounding success in their respective industries and continue to propel themselves to become high achievers. Hear what they have to say here :


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